#BSidesPR is back for 2019!

After taking 2018 off due to the scheduling change for BSidesPR 2017 and Hurricane Maria, we are back!. At the Puerto Rico Convention Center on October 11, 2019. Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/security-b-sides-puerto-rico-2019-tickets-53345366427 jq

Security B Sides Puerto Rico (#BSidesPR) delayed …

How Security B Sides Puerto Rico (#BSidesPR) came to be. Recently Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico really hard, just a week after Hurricane Irma and I had to cancel Security B Sides Puerto Rico (October 6, 2017) for the time being. This was our fifth year and this had me nostalgic and thinking on how […]

Funny Story: To DoS or DDoS? … that is the question.

I recently received an invitation to attend a seminar in “How to protect your business from DDoS attacks” the invitation was sent via an HTML attachment. So, in my paranoia I opened the file in an editor before trying to load it in a browser.  While in the editor view I saw a link to […]

Ping with creativity … on windows

Recently saw a blog post on netstat , so I tough that if someone could blog about netstat I can blog about ping.  #insidejoke First of all,  ping is a windows/unix command used to check connectivity between to points using ICMP protocol, but that’s not all you can do with it. Disclaimer:  Many networks block […]

Skeleton Key from Open Source Intelligence

  Recently I saw tweet by @gsuberland that blew my mind.  Not because it was special but because it was common.  He tweeted a photo of a NY Post article on a particular key that was been sold on eBay for $8.  This key allegedly can get you access to subways and elevators in NY […]

Como protegerse del “ransomware” #Locky

Saludos, Recientemente varios usuarios han sido afectados por un nuevo virus de modalidad “ransomware” llamado Locky.  Las preguntas son muchas  al igual que la confusión, así que les dejo este corto artículo para ayudarles.  ¿Qué es ransomware? Rasomware es un tipo de virus de cifra los datos del usuario y solicita un rescate para descifrarlos, […]

My reading list for 2015 … so far

Last year I did a post on my top 10 entertainment books for hackers and I decided its time to update the list and let you know what I’ve been reading this year. (#1) Influx, Daniel Suarez delivers yet another tech-thriller/science fiction novel that will blow your mind.  What happens when a shadow organization controls […]

Drone Wars: Weaponizing your drone

Drones, UAVs, UASs, whatever you want to call them are getting a lot of attention lately, bad press mostly.  There is a lot of talk of how drones are bad for privacy, used by drug lords, terrorist and some other shit. Things can get really interesting when you combine your Xcopter with WiFi, Bluetooth, SDR, […]

Hackers of the Caribbean … #BSidesPR 2015

Hackers of the Caribbean … #BSidesPR 2015 Tinker, Break, Fix, Make …  just for fun and curiosity.  That’s the hacker you will meet at Security B Sides Puerto Rico.  Don’t let anyone tell you about it, be part of it. There is a lot buzz and misconceptions about Hackers” out there, come and meet the […]

Securing your business …

By José L. Quiñones (@josequinones) A couple of weeks back I did a presentation for the Cyber Security Awareness Month at Turabo University  with Obsidis Consortia and the Internet Society PR Chapter, titled:  “Securing your Business”. So , for those who asked for it or could not make it,  here is my presentation: Hope this […]