Last year I did a post on my top 10 entertainment books for hackers and I decided its time to update the list and let you know what I’ve been reading this year.

(#1) Influx, Daniel Suarez delivers yet another tech-thriller/science fiction novel that will blow your mind.  What happens when a shadow organization controls the technology evolution of the world? Geniuses, Researchers & Inventors are the target to stop these disrupting technologies.  See what happens, you wont regret it.

(#2) The Fold by Peter Clines. I usually don’t read horror stories, but its like Science Fiction Horror with a flavor of The Twilight Zone and its is just genius.. He’s got thing with cockroaches but I imagine every writer has his thing.  Also I got hooked with his writing when I read the (#3) Ex-Heroes saga (Zombies + Heroes) either you love it or hate it.  It’s  action-comedy- hero-fiction zombocalypse … I loved it!

(#4) The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford.  If  you work in IT you either get nightmares, experience dejavu or get inspired;  I went for all of them at the same time.  This is the story of how an IT leader and his team can evolve into something that really works and helps the business without getting in the way.  Ah!, also teaches a lot of management philosophy, project management, and DevOps in an engaging and entertaining way. Trust me, should read this at least twice, one to enjoy and one to take notes and enjoy again.

(#5) Wizard: the Life and Times of Nicola Tesla: Biography of a Genius. If you consider yourself a technologist and hacker at heart you have to read this.  This biography is based on Tesla’s writings and patents.  Its not the best written biography but the content is gold.  Get to know more of this important man.  Tesla is always good reading, there no wrong choice with this one.

Hope you enjoy …